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75 Gallon Aquarium Wish List

Posted on | July 12, 2013 | 17 Comments

I’ve had my 75 gallon aquarium setup on pause for the last few months due to being super busy, so I’ve decided to make a wish list/shopping list of things I still need for tank setup/completion.

First, I need some moon lights. My current light fixtures currently have them built in. However, a single power cord goes to each fixture, and there’s a switch for regular lights, and a switch for moon lights. There is no way to automate switching between day and night. What do you expect from cheap low light fixtures? So I want to pick up some stand alone moon lights. I found a nice looking moonlight LED strip on ebay. It has a dimmer on the power supply, but I don’t know if it’ll keep the dimmer setting if this is put on a timer. I sent the seller an email. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon.

I’d really like to have my sump connected to this tank, mostly to conceal the heater, pH probe, thermometer, etc. But I’d also like to have the extra area for beneficial bacteria, and also for automatic tank top-offs. I already have an eshopps sump for this tank. I need to get a hang-on overflow, and a return pump.

Speaking of automatic top-offs, I need to get a water container and a top-off system. This will just make my life so much easier.

I can’t think of anything else for my list right now. I’ll update this post if I add anything.

Update On My 75 Gallon Aquarium

Posted on | May 31, 2013 | No Comments

I’ve been so busy the last few months, with vacation and work, and installing a sprinkler system in my front yard, that I haven’t had time to do anything with this tank. Now that I finally have time to think, I’m starting to put together a plant list for the dry start of this tank. I’ve been pondering getting a large package from an online retailer, but I wouldn’t be able to pick exactly what plants I want. I’ll probably pick individual plants. This won’t be for another month or two though.

In the meantime, I’m planning on filling the 75 up with water, and draining it a few times, just so I can get most of the dust out of the soil. That won’t be until my next couple of days off though.

75g Aquarium Progress

Posted on | March 31, 2013 | No Comments

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site. I’ve been too busy at work and other things and haven’t been able to update. I’ve finally started getting my 75g aquarium ready. It won’t be a reef tank like I had originally planned. It’s going to be another freshwater planted aquarium. This time, unlike my 26g aquarium, this is going to be a low light, “low tech” tank.

I’m thinking about doing the dry start method.


Tank: 75g standard
Substrate: AquaDurt Black Diamond, Tahitian Moon black sand (for sand bank areas)
Lighting: 2x Solarmax HE T5 double lamp light system 48″
Filtration: Rena Filstar XP3
Heat: Hydor ETH In-line 300 watt
Controller: Reef Keeper Lite Net (What happened to low tech?!?)
Cover: glass top (I’ll change to clear netted before fish are added)

Flora (To Be Ordered)

Myriophyllum Aquaticum (Parrots Feather)
Red Java Fern
Sunset Hygro
Micro Crypt

Fauna (To Be Ordered)

5x Otocinclus vestitus
20x Chili Rasbora
20x Neon Tetra
20x Ember Tetra
20x Harlequin Rasbora
20x Amano shrimp
20x Red Cherry Shrimp
10x various Nerite snails

I’ve already got the manzanita wood and AquaDurt in the tank, along with the sand banks, although, since I haven’t finalized where I’m leaving the sand banks, they aren’t in any of the photos yet.

RO/DI Unit Unboxing

Posted on | April 21, 2012 | No Comments

I got my RO/DI unit in a few days ago. I thought I’d share some photos. It’s a 5 stage unit from Bulk Reef Supply. I plan on installing it soon.

From RO/DI Unboxing
From RO/DI Unboxing
From RO/DI Unboxing
From RO/DI Unboxing


New 75 Gallon Aquarium

Posted on | April 8, 2012 | No Comments

I finally bought a used 75 gallon aquarium! instead of a second freshwater planted tank, this tank will be a soft coral tank.

I need to get so e more equipment, such as a sump, overflow, return pump, heater, power heads, LED lighting, and various meters.

It’ll take some time to get everything together, but I’m very excited! I’ll definitely post progress updates as I put everything together.

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